A pop up piece for Young audience

 This is my first Dance piece! Growing out my research on body cartographies. This work is an attempt to share my approach with kids and teenagers. The piece will be shown in schools in the frame of the program Explore dance Munich.
Premiere in July 2023

In anatomy or biology classes we get to know the human body as a skeleton or as a system of muscle strands and functions. Muscles, organs, body parts are represented - but what exactly are these body parts, what defines my hand as a hand? And why isn't there a word for the area between my elbow and upper arm? With her piece Körper Atlas, Sahra Huby explores existing body concepts and body images, changes them and plays with them. Alternative paths of perception are explored through dance and live drawings. What would the body look like when viewed as a landscape, a weather system, or a folded skin sculpture, what do these body images look like in motion?