I was born in Brussels where I studied dance and movement. I learned physical theater at the school “Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Lassaad” (method of J.Lecoq) and studied Butoh and Bodyweather in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Between 2004 and 2006 I pursued contemporary dance training at the Etage Berlin, and kept building my own education following the technical approach of Ultimavez and David Zambrano. The choreographer Meg Stuart also influenced my approach to dancing a lot.
Today I´m working as a freelance dancer with many different artists around Europe, continually collaborating with the German choreographer Anna Konjetzky in Munich. 

My artistical pathway is very much interlinked with her´s, together we are creating dance pieces, but also following a common approach to dance, as a way to think and communicate with others, as a way to investigate topics that we feel the urge to talk about. 
I share with her a very strong interest to create alternative formats for research and encounters with other artists, as well as formats for performances and exchange with an audience. In 2016 I started a long term performance project in private apartments called "Dance Kitchen“. 

On a dance level, I'm interested in quite physical and complex body qualities and states. I like to explore the body as an archive of History, and society, as an endless source of informations.
One important aspect of my work is the principle of thinking with the body, using the body as an instrument to develop ideas in a tangible way.