As a dance artist, I have a very strong need to be in exchange with other dancers, and talk about our dance practices, our questions and interests outside of the dynamic of the productions. I feel the need to reflect together about our approaches, to try out ideas without any goal, to be un-effective, to create space and time for unknown.


In 2015 and 2016 the Research Stipendia from the city of Munich helped me to realise two researchweeks, where I could invite different dancers and choreografers to exchange around our practices. 

The first research „Dancing with tasks“ took place with 7 dancers, and Meg Stuart and Gabriel Schenker as guests. The second research gattered a smaller group of artists (5 dancers) around the topic of „sources“.


I´m also engaged in regular research practice with the dance maker Quindell Orton, with who I keep a continuous dialogue and meet every month for physical sessions in the studio.