I have a very strong need to be in exchange with other dancers and artists, and talk about our practices, our questions and interests outside of the dynamic of the productions. I feel the need to reflect together about our approaches, to try out ideas without any goal, to be un-effective, to create space and time for unknown.


In 2015 and 2016 the Research Stipendia from the city of Munich helped me to realise two researchweeks, where I could invite different dancers and choreografers to exchange around our practices. 

The first research „Dancing with tasks“ took place with 7 dancers, and Meg Stuart and Gabriel Schenker as guests. The second research gattered a smaller group of artists (5 dancers) around the topic of „sources“.

In 2021 the city of Munich supported the research  „other bodies / New cartographies“, which was the start of a whole work on maps and representations of the human body. (read more bellow)


I´m also engaged in regular research practice with the dance maker Quindell Orton, with who I keep a continuous dialogue and meet every month for physical sessions in the studio. 

Under the title „other bodies / New cartographies“, supported in 2021 by the grant "Arbeits- und Fortbildungsstipendien" of the city of Munich, I opened a large field of research around the representation and perception of the human body. 

This work try to change the way we look at our bodies, to give space to the complexity and variety of bodies and acknowledging their temporality, by practicing and investigating new body parts and concepts, by creating terminologies, and by giving other visual representations of bodies. Using the system of maps to see bodies through different filters.

The research take space in different forms, in the studio, with other artists, in form of trainings (new anatomy class), and grows into two main projects: THE ATLAS PROJECT, a digital and analog book which archives a lot of different maps of the body.
And the pop up piece KÖRPERATLAS that will be created in spring 2023 in the frame of the program Explore dance in Munich.