In September, the Premiere of the new piece of Anna Konjetzky is coming up: Hope/Less in the Muffathalle in Munich !
Check the dates bellow...

Hope/less (the new piece of Anna Konjetzky) is coming out in September!

Pre-premiere: 23./24.09.22  in the LOT theater Braunschweig.

Premiere: 27./28.09.22 Muffathalle München.

Chipping goes back on stage! 

03.10.22 Tafelhalle Nürnberg

Next performances of MOVE MORE MORPH IT!

15./16.10.22 Feld Theater Berlin.

Next performances of "Über die Wut" von Anna Konjetzky :

03./04.02.23 in Lichthof Theater Hamburg.

MOVE MORPH & MORE (the participative extended version of the piece for young audience "Move More morph it!") keeps touring in Denmark in 2023 !