I have been teaching dance classes and workshops for professionnals and non-professionals in many different contexts and countries of the world. (Modern Theater Dance study programme of the Amsterdam University of Arts, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, National Ballet dance school in Tirana, different highschools in Germany, festivals, dance and cultural centers, in Tanzania, Uganda, Nairobi, Pakistan, southafrika...)

Each time though a different encounter, I share and endeepen another side of my own practice as a dancer.


As a close collaborator of Anna Konjetzky, I use to assist her as well in Workshops and classes about her own work and approach, offering an entry into her work and pieces.
 I have assist her all well for the production  And I use to give the company training for many of her productions.


In the field of visual art I gave many seminars and workshops about my own work on the link between drawing and movement. 
I have been teaching to the  students of the Academy of Fine Art of Munich and Brussels.