In DANCE KITCHEN, I invite the audience to spend an evening in a private apartment. The evening is inspired by the structure of a House Concert. Dances are presented like songs, between each of which, one can speak, eat and drink.
The dances are not finished pieces but sketches, ideas and talks, which are shared with the audience in an atmosphere of experimentation and exchange. 
The dance is used as a way to discuss and reflect on the world, on society, on art.
Dance Kitchen offers a very concrete and casual entry into my artistic world.

It is an evening that gives time to meet each other, and to think and talk about dance rather than just watching it.

I started this project in 2016, from the wish to create an independent, alternative way to share my dance practice with an audience. I decided to open up my private (and working) space, and so my apartment became a platform for performance and dialogue. 

This intimate context creates a very particular setting for a close encounter with the audience and a reflection on performance in an everyday setting.

After 7 DK´s in my apartment at Lincolnstrasse, the project was invited by the Festival Rodeo in October 2018, that showed two Dance Kitchen in an apartment of the Domagkateliers in Munich. 
After that,  I started to explore other semi-private locations, like the Atelier of the stage designer Anton Lukas in Berlin in February 2019, and the community space for art and culture Streitfeld in Munich in July 2019.  
In 2020 the covid pandemic and her dramatic impact on social distancing made the project Dance Kitchen impossible. There was many more DK´s planned, in different private spaces, and in collaboration with Streitfeld. 
Let´s see when it will be possible again to create such intimate setting. 

„...A delicacy was to taste in Sahra Huby’s „Dance Kitchen“: an invitation in an almost private space, a fleetinglook inside the cooking pot of an extraordinary dancer was expected, but the evening turned out to be a surprise parcel full of such dramaturgical finesse and clever guidance of the audience that one urgently wants to advise it to other artists for some coaching.“


                                                                            (Sabine Leucht- Münchner Feuilleton November edition 2018)